Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mobile Fit

I can't seem to find anyone on the WW boards who has done this program at the Y. I have signed up and I start Monday (Meet with my personal trainer for the first time)

Mobile Fit is designed to help you reach your fitness goals sooner I'm told. You have your first meeting with your personal trainer and they create a fitness plan for you. Each time you go to the Y you log into Mobile Fit and it prints off a work out for you to complete. It is suppose to mix up your routine so you (and your body) don't get bored.

I've also been told that the work out print outs include pictures of the weight machines you will be using (am I the only one who doesn't know whats what??) which will be helpful. I know weights is very important in weight loss even if you don't want to bulk up but I feel intimidated because I don't know what machines to use or how to use them. This will help.

Each work out you log earns you points. Points can be used for free personal training sessions, classes, tshirts etc.

I'm told it also includes a nutrition plan but I am sticking to WW.

Of course this is only what I've read on the site... not sure what to expect. I am really excited.

Wish me luck!

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