Monday, March 19, 2012


I once tried to make baked fries myself.  How hard could it be? Cut up potatoes, add salt and bake!  Well they were dry and disgusting. 

I saw a WW article on their site about snacking and they listed this simple reciple for fries

450 degree oven
Cut potato into fries
Spritz with cooking spray
20 mins

These are the best fries on the freaking planet.  Maybe everyone's fries come out this good and I was just too stupid to think of spraying them the first time but I've had a serving (5pt!) each day since I've read the article.  I use cajun seasoning on my fries (Like Five Guys!) and I am in love!  I feel like I'm not on WW when eating these.  They are better than McD and BK in my opinion.  I hope weight loss doesn't slow by eating so many potatoes in a week but as long as I am within points I hope that doesn't cause any problems.  Great thing is that a 10lb bag of potatoes at Dillons cost me $2.48.  I'm pretty sure thats the price of an order of fries at Five Guys. Makes them taste even better.

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