Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weigh In 155.8

I did lose this week... .6

In the past this would have frustrated me greatly.  But I read something on one of the boards that's really stuck with me.  It was titled "Ugh I only lost XX lbs this week!" and the poster when on to say she hates when people gripe about losing .4 or .6 because its still a loss and over the period of a year that .6 loss equals 30lbs which IS big.  Sounds silly but that's had gotten me thru this week.

Easter wasn't bad. Easter DINNER on the other hand... carne asada, pasta salad, and some other pasta/cheese mix. And I ATE IT ALL. (and a KitKat!) Eek. Pretty sure I used ALL my weekly points today :/ No wiggle room this week. Hopefully working out won't be a hassle this week as long as I get a rental car. Sigh.

Hope this week is better.  Hoping to God that this isn't the week where Chinese is catered in. We only get Chinese ONCE a month because the doctors prefer Mediterranean food but when we get Chinese, oh man... its a FEAST.

Need to buckle down this week. One of my goals has been to go to sleep earlier - I've actually been going to sleep later (thanks Pinterest!) I feel lack of sleep makes me snack. And I haven't been experimenting with too many new recipes lately. Between working out and taking my daughter to soccer/dance/gymnastics I just want to come home, shower and throw a Smart One in.

But I will not allow myself to get frustrated or overwhelmed.

 I can do this

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy freakin easter!

I did SO good the past few days...even worked out for TWO hours this morning! Feelin super great and then...

My mom BACKED into my car! WITH HER TRUCK! Poor baby Honda :'(

This led to me eating the rest of my weekly points and I even dug into some of my AP. Chips and salsa, pizza rolls, a mini cupcake, gummy worms, hard boiled eggs...ahhh!  Tomorrow is my weigh in day too. I still have AP to spare BUT I know tomorrow won't be a good weigh in day.  I'm sure its bad to use so many points the night before a weigh in. 

Hope your easter is better!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pumpkin muffins!

I've been craving some baked goods for awhile now... especially since I saw the lady who works at the Mexican bakery at the gym tonight lol... I googled for any WW muffin recipes and found this one for pumpkin muffins. Only 3 PPts each!

1 Box Spice Cake Mix
1 15oz Can Pumpkin
1 cup of water

Mix, Bake for 20-25 mins at 350 degrees. Makes 24 muffins.

So cheap and easy!

(note, this is not "my" recipe. found several versions online)
These muffins may be dangerous since I wanted to eat half of them! But I plan on having one or two (or 15) for breakfast with some fruit tomorrow.  Think these muffins will be an easy solution for breakfast on busy/lazy mornings.

A patient also told me about something called 123 cake today. She said you get a box of angel food cake and a box of any other cake flavor you like and mix them together and store them.  When you're in the mood for cake you take 3 Tbsp of mix, 2 Tbsp of water and mix in a cup and microwave for 1 min and viola! Cake! Reminds me of those Mini Delight cakes.  Think I may try this once I figure the points out on it, although I can't see the points being very high. 

Also hit the gym tonight and took a class called Body Design which mixes cardio with some weights. My thighs always feel the burn for a few DAYS after this class but it felt good!

Happy Thursday! <3

Monday, April 2, 2012

Autism Walk for Kasey

Just a quick post before bed!  Bella and I just registered with our cousin's team to walk in the Autism Care Walk next weekend! Our cousin Kasey has Autism so we are walking and fundraising for him! AP AND walking for a good cause.

Here is our link!!


A little personal...

Just read a blog post that got me thinking about growing up being a chubby kid.  I remember being told all the time I was fat or chubby.  People would joke around about it.  I remember feeling fat in a swim suit when I was 6.  No 6 year old should feel like that.  Sometimes it makes me angry I wasn't given better choices when I was younger.  I know the decisions I make now are my own but I feel its easier to make healthier food choices when that is started as a young child.

My dad is a real meat and potatoes kind of person.  All I remember eating growing up is fried greasy food. Steak, potatoes, fried chicken, spaghetti, fast food...the list goes on.  I remember some nights just the smell of the grease making my stomach hurt.  My dad use to (or I guess he still does actually) say things like "you need to quit eating or you're going to blow up."  Yet I was never given any healthier choices when I was young. I ate what they did.  I just don't understand the criticism without any help or advice, especially for a young child. 

I have a daughter who is 3.  Bella.

She still has some baby fat on her.  The doctor tells me she is right on the line of normal/overweight.  He said he is not concerned just makes sure she eats healthy stuff and gets some activity in.  My daughter is now taking dance and soccer once a week.  We also start gymnastics this month.  My daughter still eats happy meals like all kids but I give her healthier options.  Yet when I offer my daughter some whole grain bread instead of white bread or actually read the nutritional info on a package my dad tells me I'm trying to turn her into a "health nut". Can't win here can I?

I never felt pretty growing up.  I don't remember anyone ever telling me so either.  When I look back at pictures of me, for instance like the picture of me in that swimming suit I felt so fat in, I didn't look fat at all.  I was a little chubby but was by no means obese.

I tell my daughter she is smart and beautiful everyday, several times a day.  My mom says I'm going to give her a big head.  My take is that I'd rather her have a big head (because we all know those girls in high school whos main goal is to knock you down a feel notches) and feel confident than let her life pass her by. 

I will continue to give my daughter better food options than what I was given.   I also want to teach her what I've learned thru WW.  About healthier substitutions, empty calories, treats in moderation.  I by no means what her to be 98lbs and a size zero but I don't want her to be my age and on Metformin trying to break lifelong bad habits.  I want her to feel educated about what she puts in her body.

And again, I will remind her how beautiful and smart she is EVERY.SINGLE.DAY....

So in case you are in need of some beautiful today......

Weigh In - 156.4

By some miracle (and by miracle I mean two days of non stop spring cleaning) I lost this week. -.02

I was preparing myself all week for a gain because this week was pretty bad. Dad was in the ER, daughter threw up one night, and I know I forgot to track some things so I'm 105% sure I went over my WP. 

I over indulged some but I am proud of myself for not telling myself "oh I messed up today so I might as well just eat whatever I want the rest of the week and start again next week" I've done that too many times. Anyone else?

Now for some words of wisdom via Pinterest! Lol

I love this.  I've never thought of what I eat in this manner. 

I also have to say I don't buy the whole "but eating healthy is SO expensive" excuse anymore. I use to think that, and even now when I go to the grocery store I think "damn $7 for a package of chicken breast?!" BUT I could easily spent $7 at the Arbys drive thru and that is only one meal.

I'm rambling but this helped get me thru the week.

Hoping for a better week next Sunday (weigh in day).

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pinterest Idea!

Love this idea! I am starting this today!! We are going to the zoo (AGAIN! Thank god for memberships) and that is a good 2-3 hours of walking right there. 

I think I am going to use this money for hair extensions again but IDK.  My hair is very thin. I can't grow it out because it looks stringly and gross :( I love extensions but they can be kind of expensive and a lot to maintain. 

So my jar will be used for extensions...or a new coach bag. We'll see! 

Weigh in - 156.8

Today is my tracking day! Down almost 10 lbs all together.  I was worried because I was cutting it very close to using all my weekly points and I ate some things that I wasn't quite sure of the points value and just guessed by searching the WW database.  But I am happy, a 3lb loss this week. Worked out 4 times this week (I am counting the hour walking around the zoo as day 4!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey how many WW points for that arm?!

450 degree oven
Lightly toast right arm
Serve immediately with a side of #@*%$!

Anyone see where this is going??? Bleh.

Then about 15 mins later my 3 year SCRATCHED her leg and upon seeing the blood started bawling hysterically that she couldn't walk anymore and would have to throw her leg in the TRASH and would never play again! Oh dear.

Drama drama drama. Can't wait to see what happens when little miss hits high school.

Anyways, today was good. Worked out at the Y, did a great class called Body Blitz and currently I cannot walk down or up any stairs without looking drunk.  Must mean it was a great work out. 

Made Salsa Chicken for dinner. Super easy recipe

350 degrees
Sprinkle taco seasoning on chicken
Spoon salsa on chicken and bake til done!

When my friend Allie told me about this recipe I thought it sounded gross but when baking the salsa turns savory and its a great simple dish. 

On the look out for another simple NEW WW recipe to try before the week is out!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mobile Fit

I can't seem to find anyone on the WW boards who has done this program at the Y. I have signed up and I start Monday (Meet with my personal trainer for the first time)

Mobile Fit is designed to help you reach your fitness goals sooner I'm told. You have your first meeting with your personal trainer and they create a fitness plan for you. Each time you go to the Y you log into Mobile Fit and it prints off a work out for you to complete. It is suppose to mix up your routine so you (and your body) don't get bored.

I've also been told that the work out print outs include pictures of the weight machines you will be using (am I the only one who doesn't know whats what??) which will be helpful. I know weights is very important in weight loss even if you don't want to bulk up but I feel intimidated because I don't know what machines to use or how to use them. This will help.

Each work out you log earns you points. Points can be used for free personal training sessions, classes, tshirts etc.

I'm told it also includes a nutrition plan but I am sticking to WW.

Of course this is only what I've read on the site... not sure what to expect. I am really excited.

Wish me luck!


Today I decided to set a few goals for myself...I don't necessarily want to make "number" goals but goals that will help me achieve my goal weight. (Does that make sense?)

- Create a WW/Weight Loss Binder - Kind of feel like this is cheesy but I feel like it may be motivating. I want to clip recipes/work outs/health "gadgets" and even things I want to treat myself to when I hit certain goal weights. I just think it would be nice to have all my recipes in a folder instead of on my computer, at home, when I'm say at the grocery store or cooking.

-Try at least one new recipe a week - A lot of times I will just have a Smart One for dinner or go to a few WW recipes I can do in my sleep. I don't want to get bored. So I am committed to trying one new recipe a week.

-Get more sleep - (Its past 11pm already!) I've read numerous times how important getting a good nights rest is to weight loss.  I know sometimes when I don't sleep enough I tend to over eat because I'm tired and I just don't care! Can't do that!

-Be active on the WW Message Boards at least 2x a week - This will keep me motivated and remind me I am not doing this alone :)

Monday, March 19, 2012


I once tried to make baked fries myself.  How hard could it be? Cut up potatoes, add salt and bake!  Well they were dry and disgusting. 

I saw a WW article on their site about snacking and they listed this simple reciple for fries

450 degree oven
Cut potato into fries
Spritz with cooking spray
20 mins

These are the best fries on the freaking planet.  Maybe everyone's fries come out this good and I was just too stupid to think of spraying them the first time but I've had a serving (5pt!) each day since I've read the article.  I use cajun seasoning on my fries (Like Five Guys!) and I am in love!  I feel like I'm not on WW when eating these.  They are better than McD and BK in my opinion.  I hope weight loss doesn't slow by eating so many potatoes in a week but as long as I am within points I hope that doesn't cause any problems.  Great thing is that a 10lb bag of potatoes at Dillons cost me $2.48.  I'm pretty sure thats the price of an order of fries at Five Guys. Makes them taste even better.

"NOW" Pictures

I cannot wait to make these BEFORE pictures. Ugh! 

As you can see my legs and hips (compared to my stomach) are "small."  No wonder people think I am pregnant. My weight sticks to my stomach. 

A little tid bit about my job....I work for a 6 doctor practice and four days a week drug reps cater in FREE lunch.  You'd think at a doctor's office we'd occasionally get some grilled chicken or something right?? Oh was fried chicken and mashed potatoes with every freakin pie known to man.  (Apple, Cherry, Banana Cream, Coconut Cream, Pecan, Hawaiian Delight??,Chocolate Silk, Pumpkin, Butterfinger....And thats just to name a FEW) I am very proud that I stuck to my WW lunch but I did dig in to my weekly points for a slice of pumpkin pie.  But this will be even more of a struggle because its just so hard to say no to a free delicious lunch (lasagna, bierocks, fried chicken, pizza!) But I think in the end I will feel even more accomplished that I lost around all this yummy food.  I am thankful that 9 times out of 10 they do bring a salad or a veggie side so that still lets me "participate".  One of the drug reps kind of got on my nerves today. She kept NAGGING me about not eating the chicken.  Of course she was tall, thin, and tan and was probably a size 4.  B*tch.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Can anyone guess based on the name of this blog WHY I decided to give Weight Watchers another go?? Anyone?? I started a new job about six weeks ago. A new coworker asked when my baby was due :( THEN a few weeks later a patient asked when I was due! Twice in one month. Must be a sign from the universe....
My doctor also told me I was pre-diabetic and RX'd me Metformin. I've done WW in the past and had some success but I'd get lazy and quit tracking and we all know what happens then....(you look pregnant obviously)

Today was the end of week one. Down 5lbs! Great feeling. Worked out four times this week too. I used all my weekly points but not my activity points.

With this blog I hope to share/receive my/your experience, recipes, tips and just advice/motivation

Thanks for reading