Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey how many WW points for that arm?!

450 degree oven
Lightly toast right arm
Serve immediately with a side of #@*%$!

Anyone see where this is going??? Bleh.

Then about 15 mins later my 3 year SCRATCHED her leg and upon seeing the blood started bawling hysterically that she couldn't walk anymore and would have to throw her leg in the TRASH and would never play again! Oh dear.

Drama drama drama. Can't wait to see what happens when little miss hits high school.

Anyways, today was good. Worked out at the Y, did a great class called Body Blitz and currently I cannot walk down or up any stairs without looking drunk.  Must mean it was a great work out. 

Made Salsa Chicken for dinner. Super easy recipe

350 degrees
Sprinkle taco seasoning on chicken
Spoon salsa on chicken and bake til done!

When my friend Allie told me about this recipe I thought it sounded gross but when baking the salsa turns savory and its a great simple dish. 

On the look out for another simple NEW WW recipe to try before the week is out!


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