Sunday, March 18, 2012


Can anyone guess based on the name of this blog WHY I decided to give Weight Watchers another go?? Anyone?? I started a new job about six weeks ago. A new coworker asked when my baby was due :( THEN a few weeks later a patient asked when I was due! Twice in one month. Must be a sign from the universe....
My doctor also told me I was pre-diabetic and RX'd me Metformin. I've done WW in the past and had some success but I'd get lazy and quit tracking and we all know what happens then....(you look pregnant obviously)

Today was the end of week one. Down 5lbs! Great feeling. Worked out four times this week too. I used all my weekly points but not my activity points.

With this blog I hope to share/receive my/your experience, recipes, tips and just advice/motivation

Thanks for reading


  1. Hi! I saw your blog on the WW boards! If you click on my name you will find mine.

  2. Actually here is the link: