Monday, April 2, 2012

Weigh In - 156.4

By some miracle (and by miracle I mean two days of non stop spring cleaning) I lost this week. -.02

I was preparing myself all week for a gain because this week was pretty bad. Dad was in the ER, daughter threw up one night, and I know I forgot to track some things so I'm 105% sure I went over my WP. 

I over indulged some but I am proud of myself for not telling myself "oh I messed up today so I might as well just eat whatever I want the rest of the week and start again next week" I've done that too many times. Anyone else?

Now for some words of wisdom via Pinterest! Lol

I love this.  I've never thought of what I eat in this manner. 

I also have to say I don't buy the whole "but eating healthy is SO expensive" excuse anymore. I use to think that, and even now when I go to the grocery store I think "damn $7 for a package of chicken breast?!" BUT I could easily spent $7 at the Arbys drive thru and that is only one meal.

I'm rambling but this helped get me thru the week.

Hoping for a better week next Sunday (weigh in day).

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