Monday, April 2, 2012

A little personal...

Just read a blog post that got me thinking about growing up being a chubby kid.  I remember being told all the time I was fat or chubby.  People would joke around about it.  I remember feeling fat in a swim suit when I was 6.  No 6 year old should feel like that.  Sometimes it makes me angry I wasn't given better choices when I was younger.  I know the decisions I make now are my own but I feel its easier to make healthier food choices when that is started as a young child.

My dad is a real meat and potatoes kind of person.  All I remember eating growing up is fried greasy food. Steak, potatoes, fried chicken, spaghetti, fast food...the list goes on.  I remember some nights just the smell of the grease making my stomach hurt.  My dad use to (or I guess he still does actually) say things like "you need to quit eating or you're going to blow up."  Yet I was never given any healthier choices when I was young. I ate what they did.  I just don't understand the criticism without any help or advice, especially for a young child. 

I have a daughter who is 3.  Bella.

She still has some baby fat on her.  The doctor tells me she is right on the line of normal/overweight.  He said he is not concerned just makes sure she eats healthy stuff and gets some activity in.  My daughter is now taking dance and soccer once a week.  We also start gymnastics this month.  My daughter still eats happy meals like all kids but I give her healthier options.  Yet when I offer my daughter some whole grain bread instead of white bread or actually read the nutritional info on a package my dad tells me I'm trying to turn her into a "health nut". Can't win here can I?

I never felt pretty growing up.  I don't remember anyone ever telling me so either.  When I look back at pictures of me, for instance like the picture of me in that swimming suit I felt so fat in, I didn't look fat at all.  I was a little chubby but was by no means obese.

I tell my daughter she is smart and beautiful everyday, several times a day.  My mom says I'm going to give her a big head.  My take is that I'd rather her have a big head (because we all know those girls in high school whos main goal is to knock you down a feel notches) and feel confident than let her life pass her by. 

I will continue to give my daughter better food options than what I was given.   I also want to teach her what I've learned thru WW.  About healthier substitutions, empty calories, treats in moderation.  I by no means what her to be 98lbs and a size zero but I don't want her to be my age and on Metformin trying to break lifelong bad habits.  I want her to feel educated about what she puts in her body.

And again, I will remind her how beautiful and smart she is EVERY.SINGLE.DAY....

So in case you are in need of some beautiful today......

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  1. She is VERY beautiful!! You're doing the right thing.