Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weigh In 155.8

I did lose this week... .6

In the past this would have frustrated me greatly.  But I read something on one of the boards that's really stuck with me.  It was titled "Ugh I only lost XX lbs this week!" and the poster when on to say she hates when people gripe about losing .4 or .6 because its still a loss and over the period of a year that .6 loss equals 30lbs which IS big.  Sounds silly but that's had gotten me thru this week.

Easter wasn't bad. Easter DINNER on the other hand... carne asada, pasta salad, and some other pasta/cheese mix. And I ATE IT ALL. (and a KitKat!) Eek. Pretty sure I used ALL my weekly points today :/ No wiggle room this week. Hopefully working out won't be a hassle this week as long as I get a rental car. Sigh.

Hope this week is better.  Hoping to God that this isn't the week where Chinese is catered in. We only get Chinese ONCE a month because the doctors prefer Mediterranean food but when we get Chinese, oh man... its a FEAST.

Need to buckle down this week. One of my goals has been to go to sleep earlier - I've actually been going to sleep later (thanks Pinterest!) I feel lack of sleep makes me snack. And I haven't been experimenting with too many new recipes lately. Between working out and taking my daughter to soccer/dance/gymnastics I just want to come home, shower and throw a Smart One in.

But I will not allow myself to get frustrated or overwhelmed.

 I can do this

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